Gtmedia V9 Super, Channel List December 2023

Here you can find the fully updated GTMedia V9 Super channel list. Follow the installation steps and you will be able to enjoy it without any problems.

What is an updated channel list?

Thanks to the channel list in the decoder, fully updated, you can enjoy each of the channels that are in it. All because this list gives free access to the servers via IP. As a general rule, each of the channels is fully certified to broadcast on your decoder without security problems.

How to install new channel list in Gtmedia V9 Super?

The process of installing the updated channel list for the GTMedia V9 Super set-top box is similar to many. But you should still follow the steps shown in the guide to avoid inconveniences.

Step by step guide

Once we have the downloaded file, we unzip it and pass the file with .udf extension to a USB pendrive that is formatted in FAT32 format. You can also use another drive, but if it is a cell phone it may not let you install it because it has another format committed by default.

Then connect the USB device to the decoder and proceed to turn it on.
Once turned on go to menu and then to the tools section.
Once this is done go to the USB update option, press there and go to the update mode which in its default is: User_Database.

After that update the file, i.e. the .udf file that is on the USB stick.

Click Start

When you click on this option a window will pop up asking if you want to update, press yes and after a few seconds the deco will restart after the update operation is finished.

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Final point

It is important that we do not interrupt this process for anything in the world, the automatic restart is one of the key processes to successfully complete the update of the channel list files for the GTMedia V9 Super decoder. Remember to secure the power supply during the update.

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